Hello friends!

Welcome to my website with all my arty things!

What do we need to know about me? I'm a Vancouverite, I've been doing art all my life (artistic parents), I have a degree in Biology and have been working in analytical chemistry since 2006, most recently at a super awesome lab at UBC that does ancient dietary analysis. I finished a 4 month, around-the-world, 1/3 life crisis trip where my purpose was to do more art, have some fun, and "discover" myself. It was pretty awesome. I meant to blog about it along the way but I decided to be more "present" and kind of failed on the blog stuff. Anyway, I put my art and stuff here and on Instagram. 

Hope you enjoy!




ps- Mega thanks to my friends Victoria Ronco for my first real website, Damien Kan for my first prototype, and Jody Edgar for this latest one :D